Photography Rules


Low Barns Photography Group was established by a few individuals who all shared an interest in photography. As the Group developed they introduced a monthly prints competition whereby members of the group submitted photographs and voted on which, they believed, was the best technically.

Manipulation of photographs was a very much light touch, based on techniques and manipulation that could be undertaken in former ‘darkroom on negatives’.

With the continuous development of computer software, some members have raised concern regarding the extent to which photographs are now being manipulated from that of the original capture. Also others have said that they cannot afford the cost of the manipulation programmes. The intention is therefore to ‘get back to basics’ and make it fair to all competing, thus presenting the skill of the photographer.

General Rules

By entering into monthly competitions, members agree to adhere to the following rules:-

  • Only paid members of the Group are eligible to enter the monthly competitions
  • All prints submitted must be A4 and on paper of the photographer’s choosing.  Prints can be either borderless or with a  border but must be printed on a single A4 sheet.  Prints must be presented in the supplied mounts with the member’s name printed on the back.
  • All prints on the monthly theme must be presented to the Group in a blank envelope with the appropriate fee depending on the number of prints submitted.
  • The author’s name must be written on the back of each print submitted.
  • Entries may be submitted at any time during the month up to 6:45 pm on the day of judging. Entries submitted after 6:45 pm will not be entered for judging.
  • All images must be the original work of the author, who is deemed to hold the copyright for the work and with whom all liabilities relating to copyright and plagiarism remain. The Group nor its officers will accept any liability on behalf of the member in the event of copyright infringement or plagiarism being made against the member.
  • All images must be taken in the British Isles.
  • All images may not include any element that was originated by or is the copyright of other photographers.
  • No image can be entered more than once in any Calendar Year.
  • Although reasonable care will be taken, the Group nor its officers will be responsible for loss or damage to the entries however caused.
  • Members can submit up to two entries and MUST use the black mounts supplied by the club.

Voting Rules

  • Only members that have paid their monthly subscription on the night are eligible to vote and issued with an official LBPG voting slip.
  • The print that receives the most votes on the night wins, with second and third places.
  • Joint winners for first, second and third places are allowed if they receive the same number of votes.
  • Where there are three or more winners for first place, then the Chairman, or in his absence the person deputising, shall have the casting vote to decide a winner. In such circumstances, the remainder will be classified as coming second with no third place.
  • Where there are more than two winners for second place, again then the Chairman, or in his absence the person deputising, shall have the casting vote to decide the second place. In such circumstances, the remainder willl be classified as coming third.
  • Points awarded are 3 for first, 2 for second and 1 for third.
  • The member with the most points will be presented with an award at the Annual General Meeting.


The following are the rules regarding the extent of manipulation and can be undertaken with the free software.

  • Images may only be altered electronically or otherwise by the member.
  • Computer generated imagery is not considered as photographic and therefore is not acceptable.
  • Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the member and acquired digitally.
  • Images are allowed to be cropped to A4 or 12” x 8” format.
  • Images rotation to level the horizon, sharpening and cropping is allowed.
  • Images can be straightened.
  • Contrast can be adjusted and colours enhanced.
  • Red eye reduction.

The removal of detail, sandwich shots, combinations of separate images are not allowed.

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