Monthly Competition results 2019

Each month members of the Group submit their photographs, based on the Monthly Competition Subject for that month. At the following monthly meeting, members of the Group, then vote on which photograph they think is the best out of all those displayed. When meeting ends, the votes are counted, and the first, second and third places are announced. The results are shown below.For previous years click on the tabs underneath this page.



January 2019 – Lighted sign(neon or after dark)

February 2019 – Country road


March 2019 – Long exposure (in daylight or after dark)

April 2019 – Icicles

May 2019 – Downtown (details of buildings, signs, etc.Night or day)

June 2019 – In the garage/shed

July 2019 – Candid (informal not posed)

August 2019 – Soft focus (romantic effect)

September 2019 – Abstract

October 2019 – Church or chapel (inside or out)

November 2019 – AGM


December 2019 – Old barn (inside or out)


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