Minutes of the 2022 AGM

Low Barnes Photography Group

Annual General Meeting

November 16th 2022

1.            Apologies

               Chris White

               Jean Walker

2.            Minutes of the Last AGM

Covid lockdowns and worry about indoor meetings meant that there had been no AGM meetings held since 2019.

3.            Chairpersons Report

Gwyn Heeley has resigned as Chairperson so no report was available.

It was unanimously agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to Gwyn for all her excellent work and support as Chairperson and to send our hopes to see her at meetings in the future.

4.            Treasurers Report

               The audited accounts were presented by the Treasurer.

               Income: £180.90

               Expenditure: £227.66

               Balance : £4040.98

5.            Election of Officers

               Chairperson: Chris White.  Nominated by Alan Thornton and Seconded by Dave Ranson.

Vice Chairperson: David Ranson. Nominated by Geoff Hepples and Seconded by Alan Richardson.

Treasurer: Geoff Hepples. Nominated by Ronnie McDonnell and Seconded by Daphne Aplin.

Secretary: Joyce Scott. Nominated by Geoff Hepples and Seconded by Daphne Aplin.

6.            Ex Officio Members:

Competition Organiser: Keith Phillips

Web Site Manager: Ronnie McDonnell

Programme Organisers: Vacant

Life Membership:

Gwyn Heeley our last Chairperson and the former Committee proposed that Stan Potts be nominated for a Life Membership of the group.  This was unanimously agreed.

Stan will remain on the Committee to help with organising Monday evening events.

               Auditor: David Machinson

7.            Monthly Competitions

Ronnie McDonnell issued a list of competition subjects and asked for ideas for future subjects. 

He has updated the rules for entry.

Entries must be presented in the new frames provided.

Printed on A4 paper but the photograph can be any size or shape within that.

These will be posted on the web site.

8.            Any Other Business

               8a Christmas Buffet

               This will include a Raffle and Quiz.

               Your Best Photograph of 2022 to be handed in for judging and can have been taken

               anywhere for this year only.

               It was agreed that £100 could be spent to cover the cost.

               8b Memorial Bench

The approximate cost of buying and installing the bench could be £1000. This was unanimously agreed.

The wording on the bench was proposed: Low Barnes Photography Group Memorial Bench with the groups logo if possible. This was Unanimously agreed.

8c Subscriptions

Geoff Hepples explained the new subscription proposal.

All full members annual subscription would be £10. Full members would also pay a one off payment of £10 to cover the Wednesday monthly  meeting subscription. This means a £20 payment when subscriptions are due. 

All associate members and visitors to pay a £2 Wednesday monthly meeting subscription at each meeting attended.

A discussion on associate members payments followed.

Geoff explained the changes required to the Constitution and this was agreed.

The meeting closed at 8pm.

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