Events Calendar for 2018

For all meetings listed below, members are asked to attend by 7pm, for a 7.15pm start.


Monday 1st January 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 17th January 2018 Monthly Meeting  


Monday 5th February 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 21st February 2018 Monthly Meeting   Guest Speaker is Peter Haygarth.



The meeting on February 21st was well attended, and a BIG thank you to Peter Haygarth for his talk about his experiences in photography, and in particular for sharing his knowledge about Drone photography. The presentation was educational, inspirational and fascinating. Apart from speaking of his experiences he showed a lovely selection of both still and moving images. We look forward to seeing images from his new venture, underwater photography.


Monday 5th March 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 21st March 2018 Monthly Meeting   

Presentations were given by Geoff Hepple and Phil Bacon on photographic techniques images from the past in both colour and black and white.

Monday 2nd April 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 18th April 2018 Monthly Meeting   Guest Speaker is Anne Kelly on Trail Cameras.

Thanks to Anne Kelly, a volunteer with the Wildlife Trust, for her enthusiastic presentation on Wednesday night. She has a special interest in trail cameras, and gave us a potted history of them and discussed their uses :- hunting, security surveillance, monitoring wildlife and recreation. Whilst Anne is particularly interested in otters, she was able to show us some interesting video clips and still pictures, taken with different cameras, showing varied wildlife.

Monday 7th May 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 16th May 2018 Monthly Meeting   Guest Speaker is Phil Benton on Landscape Photography.

We had a very interesting evening on Wednesday 16th May which was attended by many members, Phil Benton, our speaker showed some beautiful landscape photographs and explained some of the techniques he uses. He also brought along some of his images, coasters and cards.

Monday 4th June 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 20th June 2018 Monthly Meeting   Guest Speaker is Mark Corpe on Processing/Printing Techniques.

We had a very interesting evening on Wednesday  when Mark Corpe  our speaker demonstrated some of the editing features of Adobe Camera Raw software and Photoshop. He also brought some prints along to show the importance of picking the right paper to get the best results from printed images.

Monday 2nd July 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 18th July 2018 Monthly Meeting   Guest Speaker  is Roger Coan showing a selection of his images.

Thank you to Roger Coan who gave an interesting presentation last Wednesday, entitled, My Photographic Evolution, explaining how his experience evolved from holiday shots to landscapes and so to wildlife.


Monday 6th August 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 15th August 2018 Monthly Meeting    Guest Speaker is TBA.


Monday 3rd September 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 20th September 2018 Monthly Meeting   Guest Speaker is TBA.


Monday 1st October 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 17th October 2018 Monthly Meeting   Guest Speaker is TBA.


Monday 5th November 2018 Informal Meeting

Wednesday 21st November 2018 Monthly Meeting   Annual General Meeting


Monday 3rd December 2018 Informal Meeting  Chit chat and a cup of tea. 






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